SHISEIDO is a famous Japanese cosmetics brand founded by Nobu Fukuhara in 1872. Its products include four series of skin care, make-up, hairdressing and perfume, which are sought after by women of all ages. Shiseido and Harvard Medical CBRC Center cooperated in research and found that LANGERHANS CELLS is the key to affecting skin aging, and then developed a targeted muscle revitalizing essence.

This new red revitalizing eye serum belongs to the same series as the popular hongyan revitalizing serum. It is aimed at the eye area and also contains ULTIMUNE complex, which can improve the function of declining Langerhans cells. There are also Ginkgo biloba ingredients to provide powerful antioxidant effects, wild thyme and perilla oil extracts to help antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, the unique IMUCALM lotus rose fragrance, equipped with UTM complex ingredients to help enhance skin vitality.

The texture is moist and clear, with high transparency, moderate fluidity, non-greasy and easy to absorb. The press-type sealing opening is more convenient and hygienic to use the product, and it can also control the amount of essence used.