LA MER is the world's luxury skin care brand owned by Estee Lauder, best known for its creams.

This LA MER sea blue mystery soft and long-lasting moisturizing repair foundation is an upgraded repair version in 2016. It contains Miracle Broth, the signature skin care ingredient of La Mer, and combines the purple-red seaweed yeast extract extracted from Britney, France. A repairing foundation that effectively smoothes, instantly brightens and improves skin tone.

Recommended: dry skin, combination dry skin;

A total of 6 shades, of which "

01, #11: Cool tone, suitable for fair skin;

02, #12: Neutral tone, suitable for naturally white skin;

03, #13#: warm tones, suitable for natural skin tones;

Used as a primer before makeup, it has a natural and soft makeup effect, which is very close to the natural skin tone, and is waterproof and sweat-proof, and the makeup effect is very long-lasting. With SPF 20 sun protection factor, it helps to block UVA/UVB, which can meet the needs of daily sun protection. Friends who like daily bare skin with light base makeup can try this natural makeup liquid foundation.