This urban forest fragrance for men by BVLGARI embodies the strong and fragile bond between the city and nature. A unique modern woody aroma for the free and sophisticated gentleman.

The appearance is made of brass earth tones intertwined with green elements, with neat and eye-catching line outlines, and the overall texture is rich. Holding the fragrance bottle, you can feel the interweaving and fusion of earth tones and urban elements. The fragrance is green and woody, and the forest smell is clearly layered, which closely links nature and vitality. The charming scent in the air has distinct layers like a tree, with swaying branches, tall and straight trunks, and tough roots. The fragrance is bright and soothing but firm and deep. When spraying, it releases natural energy immediately.

Top Notes: Italian Citrus Peel, Coriander Essential Oil
Middle Note: Cypress Wood Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil
Base Notes: Cedar Wood, Ambergris, Siamese Benzoin